Here at Jarrett Ford Dade City, we want our customers to experience a comfortable ride in a reliable vehicle. Ford trucks and cars certainly stand out for their incredible capabilities. Owners do need to follow Ford's recommendation for service. This way, the car remains reliable and safe to drive. At our dealership near Zephyrhills, we want to help drivers with spring maintenance service.

Take Advantage of the Better Weather

The winter isn't the best time of the year for car care. The holidays tie people's schedules up, and the cold weather brings other hurdles. Once spring arrives, then it is time to get moving with taking care of a car. Don't let too much more time go without catching up with service, or you could experience problems with the vehicle.

Oil Changes, Tire Rotations, and Brake Inspections

Three necessary service steps to immediately take include changing the oil and air filter, rotating the tires, and making sure the brakes are in proper shape. Even if you didn't drive much, oil could age, tires may experience dry rot, and brakes can rust. So, it becomes essential to have our technicians in the Wesley Chapled area handle related maintenance right away.

Following Your Owner's Manual Suggestions

In your vehicle's owner manual, Ford points out the service required when a vehicle hits a specific mileage point. Is it time to change the timing belt or the differential fluid? How about the transmission fluid? Don't put such important work off when it can be done easily at our dealership near Lakeland.

Putting the work off can cause trouble. Old fluid can ruin a transmission, and a snapped timing belt may cause engine damage. Timely service, however, decreases the chances of something going wrong. Also, preventive maintenance usually comes with fewer costs than significant repairs or buying a new car. If you aren't sure about what service to request, ask our team. A technician can make recommendations.

Visit Jarrett Ford Dade City to Learn More

Please check our website out for any special and discounts on available service. Maybe there's a package that perfect for your Ford. Now it is ideal to schedule spring service in the Brooksville and Spring Hill area. Bring your Ford to our dealership, and our team will take care of things. We look forward to working with you soon!

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