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Are you giving purchasing or leasing a new Ford Edge, Escape, EcoSport, Focus, or F-150 near Spring Hill a thought? Maybe you are a current owner of a Ford model. Either way, having a reliable source for your Ford service and repair needs is essential for the longevity and performance of your car, truck, or SUV. Whether it is a routine maintenance visit or a repair and replacement with genuine Ford parts, when dropping your vehicle off to our state-of-the-art Service Center near Zephyrhills, you will know that your car is in good hands. And in addition to our competitive prices, we can meet or beat competitor's prices for up to 30 days after purchase. Make your service appointment with us at Jarrett Ford Dade City today!

Why Visit Jarrett Ford Dade City for Your Auto Service Needs?

From cars to SUVs, trucks, and commercial vehicles, our team, knows Ford models thoroughly. We proudly serve Dade City to nearby Wesley Chapel and beyond with expertise in new and used Ford vehicles. With the ideal combination of experience, knowledge, inviting prices, and available specials, we are your Service Center close to Lakeland where you can enjoy a comprehensive satisfactory experience.

What Are Some of the Services that our Facility Offers?

Oil Changes

Ford Oil Changes near Lakeland

Regular oil and filter changes are perhaps the most essential component of a proper maintenance routine, as they help ensure the longevity and efficiency of your Ford vehicle's engine. Putting off an oil change for too long negatively affects fuel economy, increases emissions output, and can harm critical engine components. Neglecting an oil change entirely can lead to complete engine failure.

Why are Oil Changes Necessary?

Engines consist of several metal components that rub against each other thousands of times each minute. Without proper lubrication, the resulting friction will cause catastrophic heat buildup. Engine oil minimizes that friction so these parts and slide smoothly. It also helps to absorb excess heat and to carry contaminants to the filter. The filter catches most of the dust, soot, and tiny metal shavings, but not all. Eventually, these contaminants accumulate in the oil, exhausting its effectiveness. Therefore, it's important to periodically remove the dirty oil and give the engine a fresh start.

When are Oil Changes Necessary?

While older vehicles require more frequent oil changes, advancements in oil chemistry and engine design have rendered the old "every 3,000 miles" rule of thumb obsolete. According to Ford Motor Company, the automaker "generally recommends getting an oil change every 7,500 miles or 8,000 kilometers or every six months, whichever comes first. If you drive your vehicle under tougher conditions, you should change your oil and filter more frequently.*"

Newer Ford Models feature the Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor™ (IOLM), which uses engine and operating conditions to determine when an oil change is required. Under normal conditions, some vehicles can travel between 7,500 and 10,000 miles before needing an oil change. More extreme conditions, such as heavy towing, driving on dusty roads, or excessive idling, can reduce that interval to between 5,000 and 7,500 miles.

Should You Use Conventional or Synthetic Oil

Conventional may be cheaper, but synthetic oil offers several benefits that justify the extra expense. Synthetic oil lasts longer, provides better performance, and results in lower emissions.

*Source: https://www.me.ford.com/en/afg/ownersite/basic-maintenance/oil-change/

Tire Alignment and Rotations

Ford Tire Alignment and Rotations near Brooksville, FL.

Why are Tire Rotations Necessary?

Your vehicle's front tires do much more work than the rear tires. Not only are they responsible for turning the vehicle, but they also support the extra weight of the engine, resulting in excess wear from friction. By periodically switching their positions, the tires take turns bearing the extra burden of being up front. This allows them to wear at the same rate and extends their effective lifespan.

If the front tires remain in their position for an extended period of time, they will wear down much more quickly, necessitating premature replacement. Additionally, excessively worn tires negatively impact your Ford vehicle's handling and traction. An easy way to remember this important procedure is to rotate your tires at every oil change.

Why are Tire Alignments Necessary?

Tire alignment actually refers to suspension adjustments that ensure the wheels roll at the proper angles. Tire alignment consists of three primary components:

  • Caster: This is the angle between the steering and vertical axes.

  • Camber: This refers to how far the wheel tips away from vertical. Excessive camber causes excess wear on the corners of the tires.

  • Toe: This refers to the direction in which the wheels are pointed.

A properly aligned wheel rolls flat, makes full contact with the road, and ensures your vehicle rolls in a straight line. Misaligned wheels can cause the vehicle to pull to one side, and result in premature wearing, reduced efficiency, and possible damage to the steering column from excess vibrations.

Signs of Wheel Misalignment

  • Wearing on the inner or outer tread instead of the center
  • Wearing on only one side.
  • An off-center steering wheel when driving straight
  • Pulling to one side
  • Excessive steering wheel vibrations

Brake Service and Replacement

Ford Brake Service and Replacement near Spring Hill, FL

While the main purpose of your vehicle is to go, the ability to safely stop is even more important. Poor braking function is a danger not only to the driver to the vehicle's passengers but also to other cars and pedestrians. Despite their importance, their out-of-sight location makes it easy to forget about your car's brakes until there's a problem. Regular brake inspections can help catch any issues before they become hazardous.

When Are Brake Inspections Necessary

The components of the braking system that requires the most attention are the brake pads. Pad life depends largely on the vehicle's operating conditions, with the median lifespan being around 50,000 miles. Whenever you visit Jarrett Ford Dade City for service, our expert technicians can visually inspect your pads for signs of premature wear. A more thorough inspection of the braking system should be performed at 15,000-mile intervals or every other oil change. This inspection will check for pad thickness and wear patterns, the integrity of the brake calipers, rotor alignment, and brake fluid level and condition.

Indications That Brake Service is Required

Besides obvious audible signs like squealing, other indications your brakes need service include:

  • The brake pedal is abnormally stiff or spongy
  • The ABS warning light illuminates
  • You smell an acrid or burning odor
  • You feel excessive vibrations in the steering wheel
  • The vehicle pulls to one side

Battery Inspection and Replacement

Ford Battery Inspection and Replacement near Dade City, FL

Even though it's only one component, your Ford model's battery has several responsibilities. In addition to turning over the engine, the battery powers the lights, heating, air conditioning, radio, and more. Because the battery is out of sight, it's easy to take its functions for granted and ignore it until an issue arises. Genuine OEM Ford batteries are quite durable, but it's important to know the symptoms of battery exhaustion to avoid getting stranded.

Signs of Battery Fatigue

  • The battery or check engine light comes on
  • Engine ignition seems sluggish
  • Terminals are corroded, or the battery appears to be leaking
  • The battery case appears swollen
  • The headlights, cabin lights, clock, or infotainment lights dim, especially in combination with using the A/C.

When to Test or Replace Your Vehicle's Battery

Depending on operating conditions, genuine OEM batteries can last five years or more. After the third year, you should have the battery tested a couple of times annually. If you notice any signs of battery fatigue, Jarrett Ford Dade City invites you to visit our service center where we can test the battery and, if necessary, swap it out quickly.

We also have a Body Shop here at Jarrett Ford Dade City where you can bring your vehicle for small or large repairs. When your vehicle encounters unforeseen damage, it can be stressful, and we want to make it easy to find a place that you can trust to get your vehicle back into pristine shape. We also offer a plethora of accommodations for our customers so that you can get auto service or repairs without a hassle. From shuttle service to a premium waiting room and available Wi-Fi, this is just a mere piece of what our facilities have to offer.

Find OEM Ford Parts, Service Specials, and More

While we have your Ford in our Body Shop or Service Center, if your vehicle needs a replacement part, it isn't a worry. Our Parts Center makes it seamless to find perfect-matching items with our grand selection of genuine Ford parts. Do you have an at-home project in the works? You can easily put in a parts request online today. Be sure to check out the current service coupons that we are offering at the moment as well. If you see a deal or special, that has what you are looking for, print out the coupon, and keep an eye on that expiration date to be sure that you don't miss out on a great service special.

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Do you want to get some additional vignettes about our Service Center near Brooksville? You can reach a service professional by calling us at 866-906-8234, or you can send us an inquiry online where an associate will get back to you shortly. Whether you want to get details on services for your particular Ford model or you have a question about specific parts, we would be glad to assist you. Are you ready to experience a superb service visit? Go ahead and make that service appointment online so that we can find a time that is suitable for you. From all of us at Jarrett Ford Dade City, we look forward to seeing you at our Ford dealership soon right here at 38300 Dick Jarrett Way and providing your car with quality service for years and miles on the horizon.


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