Buying A Used Car in Dade City Can Mean Big Savings

When car shopping at the dealership, it can be tempting to imagine yourself driving away in a brand new vehicle, no miles on the odometer and only you behind the wheel. Unfortunately, what many people fail to consider is that along with their brand new car comes a brand new loan and a large monthly car payment. For that reason and many others, forgoing the temptation of buying brand new and purchasing a used vehicle near Zephyrhills instead is the soundest financial decision one can make when in the market for a new car. On this page, you will be able to find our dealerships large selection of used vehicles from a variety of automakers and a range of different models, years, and pricing.

Most Wesley Chapel and Lakeland drivers have heard that the moment you drive a new car off of the dealership lot, it is losing significant value. In fact, a new vehicle is likely to lose anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of its original cost in the first three years alone. If the need to sell your new car were suddenly to arise a couple of years after its purchase, there is a real possibility that the vehicle's value will not exceed the remainder of the loan if it was financed.


As the buyer of a used car near Spring Hill, however, you are taking advantage of the fact that the most significant part of a vehicle's decreasing value has already taken place. After purchasing it, your vehicle's value will likely remain relatively stable for several years, usually dropping in value at a slow and steady pace. Because of the reduced valuation of your car, you are likely to receive a much lower insurance rate. These combined savings mean that the cost of owning a used car over a given period is far less than buying a brand new vehicle.

As you can see below, our dealership offers a wide selection of high quality used vehicles, and we are confident we will have a car available that you will love in addition to saving you a significant amount of money. Please review our inventory then stop by our dealership's showroom today for a test drive.